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Bluetooth not working

I have used Ubuntu for a couple of years, but I never poked under the
hood much. I have just installed 64-bit Debian testing on my Thinkpad
T61 and am trying to get everything working. The Thinkpad has built-in
bluetooth, which is recognized by Debian. However, I have a Razer
bluetooth mouse and I cannot get it paired connected. It worked OK in
Ubuntu, although Ubuntu disconnected it at random.

Debian doesn't even see the mouse. I also have a bluetooth phone and
Debian does not see it either. When I right-click on the bluetooth icon
in the Gnome panel and select Set Up New Device nothing happens. I get
no windows popping up - nothing. If I click on Preferences I get a
window which is supposed to show discovered devices, but no devices

Using hcitool scan I can find the mouse and the phone and their
addresses. This means the bluetooth device in the computer is working.
If I then do sudo hcitool cc <address> the command works without error,
but the device remains unconnected.

I have searched the forums and the closest I can find is:


I have the 2.27.5-1 version of gnome-bluetooth, but I don't know how to
get the 2.28.3-1 version because I am too new to Debian to have figured
out the repository arrangement. I don't want all the unstable versions
appearing in Synaptic because that would be confusing. Testing is as
cutting edge as I normally want to be. I can install 2.28.3-1 if I can
find the .deb file for it, but that eludes me also.

Can someone kindly point a newbie to a solution?

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