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Re: xpdf printing with pdftops

On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 00:35:02 +0100, Andreas Goesele wrote:
> >>Despite the warning the file is printed, just that additionally I get
> >>the warning and a non-essential image is replaced by a blurry box.
> >Is the page expanded to fit the paper?
> On the command line, yes. Not in xpdf
> >Hmm, I am starting to think that maybe we should try a different
> >approach. Which printing system do you use? CUPS, for example, has the
> >"fitplot" option which might do what you want, or e.g. "scaling=95" to
> >scale the file to 95% of the page size.
> I'm using CUPS. On the command line the option fitplot expands the size.
> Inside xpdf it doesn't have any effect.

It seems that xpdf somehow messes with the printing options. Maybe it
cuts off everything after the first space; did you try to put the
command in quotation marks into the print command filed?

I can think of three other things to try:

- Add "fitplot" to the options for your default printer in

- If you run a desktop environment that has its own printing system then
  it might be possible to use that as the printing command. When I was
  still using xpdf I set the printing command to "kprinter" and then I
  could configure print quality, duplexing, etc. with KDE's print
  dialog. I never tried this with the fitplot option, though.

- Write a script that configures the printer correctly and acts a print
  command. It has to accept the file to print on STDIN and then pass it
  on to CUPS.

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          Florian   |

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