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Re: Does everything depend on everything?

On Monday 02 November 2009 16:31:26 Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Another reason for my "success" may be the fact that in the past I most
> often found it easier to reinstall on certain occasions (disk exchange,
> re-partitioning) than to restore from a backup (which in turn may be due
> to the fact that most of the time I don't have a recent backup). My
> installations never get really old. Now I finally use LVM, so I hope
> these special occasions happen less often. :)

I didn't install Debian until a while after I was fed up with Gentoo.  So, my 
oldest install was originally Etch.  I virtually never reinstall unless I'm 
switching distros.  Upgrading openSUSE from 10.3 to 11.0 wasn't even 
supported, but I didn't even consider a re-install.

> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.:
> > Mixed systems are just as "supported" as running testing or unstable,
> > which is to say, not officially.  IME, they result in a system with the
> > advantages of both stable and unstable.
> Running testing/unstable might not be "supported", but that's what the
> developers/maintainers are working at. If sid is broken, they fix it.

You don't have to run unstable to be a maintainer.  Source packages should be 
compiled in a Sid environment before being sent to the buildds, but there's a 
lot of good ways to compile in a unstable environment without running 
unstable.  It's also suggested to use unstable's lintian most of the time, 
especially when (like now) it installs on stable or testing without any other 
package from testing/unstable.

You should test your package as much as possible, but if you don't have a 
running unstable installation, you do not have to test your package there.

The developers/maintainers also work on stable (RC bugs, e.g.) and that is the 
product they have agreed to provide official support for.

Of course, unstable is not meant to imply that repository is full of bugs.  It 
just means that it changes often.  Unfortunately, change it often the source 
of bugs, and I, most of the time, prefer older software that may be missing 
features (stable) rather than constantly fluctuating software that may or may 
not have the feature I need working today.

To all those out there that do, thanks for running testing or unstable.  The 
more bugs you find the better the stable release is for me. >:)
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