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Re: Does everything depend on everything?

On Monday 02 November 2009 13:47:05 Celejar wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Nov 2009 13:38:55 -0600
> "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
> > system anyway.  Either that or run pure unstable and have to fight
> > dependencies during each transition (many of which happen during a
> > release cycle).
> >
> > By the time you have enough knowledge to run a mixed system and/or
> > fight those dependencies, you might as well run stable for most
> > software, which occasional installs out of
> > testing/unstable/experimental for the new features you need or
> > development you are following.
> I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by 'fighting
> dependencies'.  I run Sid, and while I occasionally have to hold back
> a few packages, and can't always do a complete, full upgrade, it's
> simply a matter of holding back a few packages until they get into sync
> again; I certainly don't have the skill to do anything particularly
> sophisticated with dependencies.

That, among other things, is exactly what I mean by fighting dependencies.  
Sometimes I am not happy with a package that is held back, which calls for 
more dependency wrangling.  Downgrade or upgrade something else, de-install 
some software I'm not really using right now (like a Recommend or Suggest), 
satisfy an OR dependency with a different package, or some combination of the 
three.  Keeping the number of packages I pull from 
testing/unstable/experimental as minimal as possible results in more (aptitude 
safe-upgrade)s that "just work".

Mixed systems are just as "supported" as running testing or unstable, which is 
to say, not officially.  IME, they result in a system with the advantages of 
both stable and unstable.
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