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Re: Recommended Linux Backup

On 09-11-01 02:21:45, lrhorer wrote:
> > On Thursday October 29 2009 5:14:44 pm lrhorer wrote:
> >> 1. Back up to removable hard drives
> >> 2. Span multiple target volumes
> >> 3. Maintain a virtual fileysystem so all snapshots look like a
> >> single backup to the user.
> >> 4. Maintain an easily monitored index so the user can see which
> >> drive will be needed for a particular backup or restore operation.
> >> 5. Be able to easily rebuild the index and virtual file system 
> >> from the backup drives (preferebly just one drive) if the database 
> >> is lost on the source system.
> > 
> > tar will do 1, 2, and 4. It might be able to do 5.
>         Tar will *NOT* do 1 & 2.  If tar reaches the nd of a tape
> volume, it prompts for another volume (it knows how to handle an 
> EOT).  When writing to a file, if the need of the volume is reached, 
> tar aborts.

Use the -L option to set the tape length in KiB, along with the -M 
option to tell it to use multiple "tapes".  See `info tar`.  You should 
probably not be writing to a filesystem, but rather directly to the 
device file.  I don't know if tar will handle that on its own or will 
need the -L option.

tar won't be much use for restoring single files or directories, 

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