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Re: Recommended Linux Backup

> I don't see any mention of that venerable *nix utility, dump.  Other
> than not looking like a mounted filesystem and possibly the sheer size
> of the data, dump should fulfill your requirements.

        I thought about dump, but I did notthink it would stop when a volume is
full and prompt for another volume (at least not if the volume is a
hard drive).

> You'd certainly want to rotate between several dump sets for
> redundancy.

        No, I'm gong to be doing differential backups. The bckuip array added
tot he offline storage is enough redundancy.

> That would mean more hard drives.  It might make sense 
> to also dump to DVDs, just to have a different failure mode.

        You're kidding,right?  Back up the data to more than 900 Dual Layer
DVDs?  Admittedly they are cheap, but... no, thanks.

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