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Re: Recommended Linux Backup

On 09-10-31 09:11:29, Johannes Wiedersich wrote: [nothing here -- I'm 
late to this thread]

> lrhorer wrote:
> > Other than tar and rsync, I have never used any Linux backup
> > utilities, and I am looking for recommendations.  I would like an 
> > open source olution which will do the following:
> >
> > 1. Back up to removable hard drives
> > 2. Span multiple target volumes
> > 3. Maintain a virtual fileysystem so all snapshots look like a
> > single backup to the user.
> > 4. Maintain an easily monitored index so the user can see which
> > drive will be needed for a particular backup or restore operation.
> > 5. Be able to easily rebuild the index and virtual file system from
> > the backup drives (preferebly just one drive) if the database is 
> > lost on the source system.

I don't see any mention of that venerable *nix utility, dump.  Other 
than not looking like a mounted filesystem and possibly the sheer size 
of the data, dump should fulfill your requirements.

You'd certainly want to rotate between several dump sets for 
redundancy.  That would mean more hard drives.  It might make sense
to also dump to DVDs, just to have a different failure mode.

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