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CD Drawer open/close by itself

Dear all,

I encounter a strange bug these days but I can't say when it appears
(i.e. after which upgrade).

The problem is the following one: when I open my cd drawer (with eject
or by pressing the button on the drawer), the drawer open and then close
(after less than 1 sec).

I updated my system (I'm on sid) and tried with different kernels,
whatever I do the behavior do not change.

I suspect some parts of Gnome to be responsible since this bug only
appears after I logged on Gnome. If I do not log in Gnome, I can open
and let it open. 

Logging out of Gnome, or killing gdm doesn't change anything. The bug
still there. Logging once cause the bug :-)

I do not know what I can do to narrow my search and locate the faulty
part in order to solve the bug.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Antoine C.

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