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HP G60-249WM Notebook overheats (on lenny)

Hi.  My HP G60-249WM Notebook's CPU is overheating, to the point that it
shuts itself off, whenever I use any CPU-intensive game such as glchess
(in the gnome-games package) or the non-free game sauerbraten.  I also
use the non-free nvidia-glx for accelerated graphics, and have the
laptop software packages installed, in case that matters.

It used to do this when I watched youtube videos too, so I bought a
cooling pad, and that fixed that problem; but with these games it's
happening even with that.  I've tried using spacers to increase the
ventilation, tried using it on my lap with the part that feels warm
hanging out in thin air, even installed computertemp to get objective
evidence that the CPU's temperature is increasing to dangerous levels
(>95 deg. Celsius).  As soon as I start a game, it rises, and as soon as
I stop it it falls.

I haven't filed a bug report because this seems like a symptom of a more
general problem.  I'm not sure whether software (e.g. acpi/apm config)
or hardware is to blame, let alone which software package.  I would
appreciate any advice.


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