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Re: HP G60-249WM Notebook overheats (on lenny)

Brian C. Wells wrote:

> Hi.  My HP G60-249WM Notebook's CPU is overheating, to the point that it
> shuts itself off, whenever I use any CPU-intensive game such as glchess
> (in the gnome-games package) or the non-free game sauerbraten.  I also
> use the non-free nvidia-glx for accelerated graphics, and have the
> laptop software packages installed, in case that matters.
> It used to do this when I watched youtube videos too, so I bought a
> cooling pad, and that fixed that problem; but with these games it's
> happening even with that.  I've tried using spacers to increase the
> ventilation, tried using it on my lap with the part that feels warm
> hanging out in thin air, even installed computertemp to get objective
> evidence that the CPU's temperature is increasing to dangerous levels
> (>95 deg. Celsius).  As soon as I start a game, it rises, and as soon as
> I stop it it falls.
> I haven't filed a bug report because this seems like a symptom of a more
> general problem.  I'm not sure whether software (e.g. acpi/apm config)
> or hardware is to blame, let alone which software package.  I would
> appreciate any advice.

Does the device have an Nvidia video card?


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