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Re: How to uninstall a kernel and *all* of its "dependencies"?

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Fri October 23 2009, Wayne wrote:
As a new user of Debian you would be well advised to install the
debian-reference package.  Most, if not all, of your questions are
addressed in that package.  I find it useful after 15+ years of running

how would one access this package? I seem to have it already installed.. I always have used google.com/linux and did a "debian +question" search.

There are a number of ways.

If you are have apache or another server installed, and if you have the dwww package installed, you just type in the package name and dwww will find all the documentation for that package that is on your system. Some packages may not have a dwww link i them. Maybe a note to the maintainer would get them to include the linw for dwww. (hint)

If you don't/can't do the above then hopefully you have the locate | slocate | mlocate package installed. In that case you do "locate debian-reference" and look for either the text or html version.

I view the HTML version using the DWWW interface in Iceweasel.

Or, for those that need it 'now'



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