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Re: BonziBuddy

On Tuesday 20 October 2009 10:52:41 Bonzi Buddy wrote:
> ok so my friend found it but he says it doesnt work on windows 7 how do i
> recode it to work on windows 7 also what is a debian is that a special pc
> brand cuz my friend said these are pc windows support forums k thx bai

1. Bonzai Buddy is, last I checked, not Free Software, which means you do not 
have either the permission or (most likely) ability to modify it in any way, 
including making it work on Microsoft Windows 7.  Please use the full product 
name, or at least capitalize it.  "windows" are transparent parts of exterior 
walls; "Microsoft Windows" is a popular operating system (OS) for computer 
systems running x86 and amd64/emt64/x86_64/x64 class processors.

2. Your friend is incorrect.  debian-user and the rest of the debian-* mailing 
lists are for issues around the Debian GNU/Linux OS.  Debian GNU/Linux is a 
competitor to Microsoft Windows, runs on many more types of computer systems, 
supports vastly more hardware, and is Free Software.  You can get more 
information about Debian from <http://www.debian.org/> and easily convert from 
Microsoft Windows using <http://www.goodbye-mmicrosoft.com/>.

3. Convention around this mailing list is to trim the quoted material and use 
bottom or interleaved posting style.  You wrote your reply above the quoted 
text (top posting style) and failed to trim (i.e. remove) parts of the message 
you replied to that were unnecessary for context.  The most important part is 
the trimming, but interleaved or bottom posting style generally follows easily 
once you are taking the time to review the quoted material.
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