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Re: Debian 5.0.3 Icedove attachments delete/ detach flaky

David Christensen wrote at 2009-10-09 14:26 -0500:
> I am experiencing the problem with received messages that have  
> attachments.  Testing just now with a draft message, attaching and  
> deleting an attachment seems to work.  But, I am using the Compose  
> window; the issue occurs when I use the Icedove main window or the  
> reading window.
> Here is the procedure for demonstrating the issue:
> 1.  Start Icedove.
> 2.  Get mail.
> 3.  Select a folder containing a message with attachments in the left pane.
> 4.  Select a message with attachments in the upper-right pane.  Top of  
> message and attachments appear in lower-right pane.  (I picked a message  
> with nine *.jpg attachments.)
> 5.  Choose File -> Attachments -> Delete All.  Click button "OK" in  
> Confirm dialog.
> 6.  Progress bar at bottom of Icedove appears, completes quickly, and  
> disappears, cursor changes to busy cursor momentarily and changes back  
> to arrow, and Icedove refreshes, but the attachments are still present.
> 7.  Repeat steps #4 through #6 -- results are the same.
> 8.  Pick a different message with attachments.  (I picked a message with  
>  one *.jpg  and one Deleted:*jpg attachment.)  Right-click on an  
> attachment in the bottom portion of lower-right pane.  Choose "Delete".  
> Click button "OK" in Confirm dialog.  Progress bar flashes by and  
> Icedove refreshes, but attachment is still there.  Repeat -- same 
> results.
> 9.  Double-click on message with attachments in upper-right pane. Choose 
> File -> Attachments -> Delete All, and Confirm.  Window updates and 
> attachments are still present.  Repeat -- same results.
> 10. Right-click on an attachment in the reading pane and choose Delete.  
> Window updates and attachment is still present.  Repeat -- same results.
> I have started collecting messages with attachments I can't delete. Thus 
> far, I have four messages and they are all from the same person.  I am 
> wondering if his mailer is encoding attachments in a way the Icedove  
> can't handle?  All four contain these headers (boundary varies, as  
> expected):
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/7.0.14 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="0-1180664548-1253938940=:48297"
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

This looks like a good bug report.  Use the 'reportbug' command (from the 
reportbug package) to report it.

> Does Icedove have an error log file somewhere that I can look at?

I see from 'icedove --h' that you could try both -safe-mode and -jsconsole.

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