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Re: custom Installer

Tanco wrote:
> This is actually a good Idea, but I need to add custom software inside,
> and configurations,
> I don't need package selectors, and such, just partition
> selector/editor,  timezone, language,
> and boot selector..
> can I do this with the ubuntu installer?
> can i add custom software and configs?

well, first of all, ubuntu uses the debian installer.

but yes, partitioning can be done via the preseed file, in my example i used
d-i partman-auto/choose_recipe select All files in one partition
(recommended for new users)
its basically the answer to one of the questions you might recognize
when installing debian and can be set to anything you want.

same with timezone
d-i time/zone string Europe/Amsterdam

etc... its all in the preseed file

don't know what kind of custom software you need included but you can
also have any script you want to be run in the beginning or at the end
of the installation.

i'm sure there are more ways then the one suggested by me that you can
choose from like for example FAI or even puppet to also control the
machines after installation.

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