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Re: custom Installer

Tanco . wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I am working on developing a system that will be a custom distro that I
> will need to
> compile as a Installable DVD / Iso Image..
> I was thinking of installing on a system and using mondo system backup
> to make the iso images, but I don't like it since it will remember my
> partitions backup, so it will require a full HDD,
> so I need to make a custom installer and I don't intend on typing the
> code for it..
> any ideas?


debian already has an installer, why not use that one?

all you need to do is to change the defaults into what you need it to
be, i did it a while ago with Ubuntu but the same principle applies.

sure you can find more info on this but i have some old notes here that
you could use as a start.

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