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Re: custom Installer

This is actually a good Idea, but I need to add custom software inside, and configurations,
I don't need package selectors, and such, just partition selector/editor,  timezone, language,
and boot selector..
can I do this with the ubuntu installer?
can i add custom software and configs?

randall wrote:
Tanco . wrote:
Hello guys,
I am working on developing a system that will be a custom distro that I
will need to
compile as a Installable DVD / Iso Image..
I was thinking of installing on a system and using mondo system backup
to make the iso images, but I don't like it since it will remember my
partitions backup, so it will require a full HDD,
so I need to make a custom installer and I don't intend on typing the
code for it..

any ideas?


debian already has an installer, why not use that one?

all you need to do is to change the defaults into what you need it to
be, i did it a while ago with Ubuntu but the same principle applies.

sure you can find more info on this but i have some old notes here that
you could use as a start.


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