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Re: sid dist-upgrade: lvm2 conflicts with devicekit-disks so systems with / on lvm2 killed

On Friday 16 October 2009 03:08:36 Joe wrote:
> So could I ask what the correct answer actually is? What combination of
> packages do we need to maintain an unbroken operating system which
> depends on both lvm2 and gnome?

AFAIK, there isn't one in sid alone.  You may be able to pull some packages 
from Squeeze to get a mixed system that works.  Alternatively, if you haven't 
upgraded yet, you might just hold off.

> It seems to me that sid has churned enormously in the last few months,
> tens of megabytes every day, and we are seeing problems that should have
> been fixed in experimental before pushing them out to sid.

Experimental is not a required step for maintainers to take.  In fact, it is 
really only for packages that the maintainer knows should not make it into a 
stable Debian release or for *experimenting* with the packaging.  Normally, 
packages do not pass through experimental on their way to sid.

Disclaimer: I don't run Sid.  I use a mixed 
stable/volatile/backports/testing/unstable/experimental apt set-up, but get 
most of my packages from Lenny.  KDE 4 and it's dependencies being the major 
exception, I get those from Squeeze.

Sid breaks.  It won't stop breaking.  The DDs and DMs will try and fix it 
quickly, but some things take time.  When running Sid you have to be more 
careful with upgrades and be willing to file, read, and act on (by 
implementing work-arounds) bug reports.
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