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Re: sid dist-upgrade: lvm2 conflicts with devicekit-disks so systems with / on lvm2 killed

Michael Biebl wrote:
Mitchell Laks wrote:

I recently  did a sid dist-upgrade, and could no longer boot using linux-image-2.6.30-2-686-bigmem kernel
and had to boot off an old 2.6.26 kernel.


This is a problem.

I guess the real problem is, that you should be more careful when doing
dist-upgrades about which packages are removed.

Or better use a simple upgrade which does not remove packages automatically.

So could I ask what the correct answer actually is? What combination of packages do we need to maintain an unbroken operating system which depends on both lvm2 and gnome?

As it happens, I thought that aptitude's recent recommendations looked like a can of worms, so every day I just hit 'q' and it sneers at me. But that was just a guess.

Like most sid users, I'm not a Debian Developer or any other kind of systems programmer. I don't know enough to follow the arguments in the bug listings. I use sid largely to try to contribute a little to Debian by way of bug reports, rather than because of a need for the latest software versions. You need a much larger group of testers than just the Developers, but there's a limit to what the rest of us can handle.

I do use this system, and I wouldn't consider using experimental. Having used sid for about five years, and fixed all the breakages up till now, I've needed to reinstall lenny and work back up to nearly-sid twice in the last month because I don't have the necessary knowledge to fix the kind of things that are breaking now.

It seems to me that sid has churned enormously in the last few months, tens of megabytes every day, and we are seeing problems that should have been fixed in experimental before pushing them out to sid.


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