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Re: how to tell webalizer where webalizer.conf is?

  if i might summarize what i was droning on about below:

On Fri, 16 Oct 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>   if i might impose on the list one more time, this has to do with
> still tweaking the migration i did once upon a time, and is
> webalizer-specific, but i'm betting someone here is going to see
> what i missed doing in about five seconds.
>   it came to my attention that the web site stats generated by
> webalizer for this system simply *stop* at sept 20.  all these stats
> were being generated in the directory /var/www/<CORPURL>/logs and,
> sure enough, if i pop into that directory, i can see all the usage
> files, and they clearly stop at that date.  so, obviously, as i was
> doing the migration, i failed to re-tweak the output directory for
> webalizer.
>   i checked the default(?) /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf file and,
> sure enough, rather than pointing to that long-time output
> directory, it was pointing at /var/www/webalizer, and when i ran the
> cron webalizer script manually, it dumped its current output in that
> latter directory.  ok, easy enough, i just have to correct the
> entries in /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf.
>   but i looked closer in that logs directory and i can see a
> webalizer.conf file *there* as well.  with the *correct* values for
> those variables.  so it looks like the person who set this up chose
> to keep the .conf file with the log files, and not in what i thought
> was the standard location.
>   is that a reasonable thing to do?  because it would certainly
> break the webalizer cron script, which looks in the /etc location by
> default.  is there a webalizer-approved way to have it start off
> with a different location for its .conf file with manually hacking
> the script itself?  i'd like to avoid that if i could.

  as i read it, setting up webalizer involves first configuring
/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/<files> and, in my case, defining a bunch
of virtual hosts, some of which define:

  TransferLog /var/www/<CORPURL>/logs/access.log

so that's obviously where my transfer stats will be logged.  and
that's the same "logs" directory that is used as webalizer's output
directory.  but here's the part i don't get.

  if i examine /etc/cron.daily/webalizer, i read:

# This script just run webalizer agains all .conf files in
/etc/webalizer directory


  that seems pretty clear that /etc/webalizer will be used for the
location of the processed config file, even though the output "logs"
directory contains another webalizer.conf file that appears to be
correct for this setup.  and the top part of it reads:

# As of version 0.98, The Webalizer will look for a 'default' configuration
# file named "webalizer.conf" in the current directory, and if not found
# there, will look for "/etc/webalizer.conf".

  ignore that that last location isn't actually correct, but what
defines the "current" directory for webalizer?  maybe that's what's
happening here -- that the logs directory is defined as webalizer's
home dir somehow so that alternate .conf file is the one being

  or am i making this way too hard, and i should just stick with the
default /etc-based conf file like a normal person would?


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