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Re: 32-bit with bigmem or 64-bit debian, which is better?

>> My hardware is Presario CQ40-115AU
>> It have AMD Turion X2 processor, 4 GiB RAM (2 X 2 GiB)

I have 2 similar boxes, one running 686-bigmem and one running amd64.

>> Since 32 bit Debian have more packages I'm thinking of going back to 32-bit
>> with bigmem kernel. The questions are:

I don't use any of the packages that exist on one but not on the other,
so I can't help you there.  I'd generally recommend to stay away from
such packages, tho.

>> Does running 64-bit debian will boost the performance compared to 32-bit on
>> my machine?

I doubt you'll notice any difference.  But if you do, it could go either
way, depending on what you do.

>> Will it hinder (using bigmem kernel) my work which mostly related to
>> virtualization using virtualbox?

No idea.

>> Any other pros and cons?

I use the 686-bigmem at home mostly so that it uses the exact same
packages as my other machines (makes a difference because I use
a caching proxy).

> I would go for a 32 bit Debian system with a 64-bit kernel. (I have
> sometimes problems with certain `flashy' web sites or digitally
> restricted pdfs on my amd64 system).

I've tried that several times, but always end up coming back to
686-bigmem because there are still incompatibilities between a 64bit
kernel and 32bit userland (e.g. last time I tried, uswsusp didn't


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