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how to tell webalizer where webalizer.conf is?

  if i might impose on the list one more time, this has to do with
still tweaking the migration i did once upon a time, and is
webalizer-specific, but i'm betting someone here is going to see what
i missed doing in about five seconds.

  it came to my attention that the web site stats generated by
webalizer for this system simply *stop* at sept 20.  all these stats
were being generated in the directory /var/www/<CORPURL>/logs and,
sure enough, if i pop into that directory, i can see all the usage
files, and they clearly stop at that date.  so, obviously, as i was
doing the migration, i failed to re-tweak the output directory for

  i checked the default(?) /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf file and,
sure enough, rather than pointing to that long-time output directory,
it was pointing at /var/www/webalizer, and when i ran the cron
webalizer script manually, it dumped its current output in that latter
directory.  ok, easy enough, i just have to correct the entries in

  but i looked closer in that logs directory and i can see a
webalizer.conf file *there* as well.  with the *correct* values for
those variables.  so it looks like the person who set this up chose to
keep the .conf file with the log files, and not in what i thought was
the standard location.

  is that a reasonable thing to do?  because it would certainly break
the webalizer cron script, which looks in the /etc location by
default.  is there a webalizer-approved way to have it start off with
a different location for its .conf file with manually hacking the
script itself?  i'd like to avoid that if i could.


p.s.  i could also just make the changes to the standard file
/etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf, but if the previous admin chose to keep
that conf file in the logs directory, i might as well stay consistent.

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