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Re: Howto recover deleted files/folders without comercial apps?

shampavman skrev:
Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
Israel Garcia wrote:
Which is the easiest way to recover deleted files/folders using ONLY
commands from Debian OS?
The best and easiest way is to use your backup tool to recover the data
from the last backup. There are various backup methods available in
debian with different commands. It depends on your needs which will suit
you best.

In case you don't have good, reliable and working backups, I'd strongly
recommend you to put simple and reliable backup procedures in place in
order to avoid or at least limit such problems for the future.

Best wishes,
If I were you , I would write a simple wrapper for rm.
Here is what I would do.
if rm or rm -r is encountered, create a local dir somewhere call it
'Mytrash' then mv the files over there.. instead of from the machine...
Then run a cron perhaps every month to actually remove it .

PS: Im assuming that your talking about accidentally removed files... If
not then I sorry .
I've seen lots of places using an alias for rm called 'del', with a corresponding 'undel'. Check your system default .bashrc, it might already be available on your system by just removing a '#' character. Also check your standard package-search-mechanism for stuff to do with bash. Most likely these aliases already exist.

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