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Re: Howto recover deleted files/folders without comercial apps?

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Israel Garcia wrote:
> > Which is the easiest way to recover deleted files/folders using ONLY
> > commands from Debian OS?
> The best and easiest way is to use your backup tool to recover the data
> from the last backup. There are various backup methods available in
> debian with different commands. It depends on your needs which will suit
> you best.
> In case you don't have good, reliable and working backups, I'd strongly
> recommend you to put simple and reliable backup procedures in place in
> order to avoid or at least limit such problems for the future.
> Best wishes,
> Johannes
If I were you , I would write a simple wrapper for rm.
Here is what I would do.
if rm or rm -r is encountered, create a local dir somewhere call it
'Mytrash' then mv the files over there.. instead of from the machine...
Then run a cron perhaps every month to actually remove it .

PS: Im assuming that your talking about accidentally removed files... If
not then I sorry .
Shampavman c.g

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