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Re: segmentation fault with NVIDIA 32bit part

> today I updated my testing installation. Now the 32bit part of the
> NVIDIA drivers doesn't work anymore

I don't have 64bit strong hardware but it sounds like the problem I have after a Linux Kernel is upgraded. 

For Squeeze/Sid I'm showing: 2.6.30-2 (686)

After the upgrade I can expect the 'nvidia' driver to fail. I edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file replacing 'nvidia' with xorg's 'nv' driver.  This will return the 'desktop' minus 3D capabilities. 

As of 10-12 22:52 UTC,  the nvidia-kernel-source is at 185.18.36.-2

When the n-v-source is upgraded, compile it with:

# m-a -t clean,a-i nvidia-kernel-source

Run another apt-get update for the new glx versions  and other apt-get dist-upgrade to install them. 

Change the 'xorg.conf file back to 'nvidia' and all is well once more.

Whether any of the above applies to your situation, I cannot say.

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