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Re: community project

On Monday 12 October 2009 13:58:44 Saju M wrote:
> I am in interested in contributing for the project.I am completed MCA
> and i am working in a company.I have basic knowledge in
> shellscripting,python,perl and ruby.I am interested to work for
> community project at free time.

1. Skim <http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control>
2. Install the devscripts package and use the rc-alert and wnpp-alert tools to 
find bugs.
3. Triage and resolve bugs.  Use the URL in (1) for how to interface with the 
Debian BTS.  Use other mailing lists, the web, etc. to collaborate with other 
developers and upstream.
4. Repeat (2)-(3) until no bugs are revealed by the tools mentioned in (2).
5. Use <http://bugs.qa.debian.org/base-full.html> and 
<http://bugs.qa.debian.org/standard-full.html> to find more bugs.
6. Do (3)
7. Repeat (5)-(6) until no bugs are revealed by the lists in (5).

Along the way, you may also want to work on other packages or projects 
upstream and or downstream of Debian.  But, you should always be able to come 
back to this list and find things undone.
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