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Re: When to expect a kernel commit in Debian stable's kernel?

On Sat, 2009-10-10 at 12:42 +0200, thveillon.debian wrote:
> gspca has been inside the kernel since 2.6.27 onward.

Ah, the missing link, thank you!

> So from 2.6.27 you don't need any other source package, just userland tools.
> If you add debian backport to your sources.list I believe you'll have
> access to a 2.6.30 kernel, with gspca compiled as a module most probably.

Yes, it was my mistake to assume that the 2.6.30 kernel offered to me by
aptitude search was from the stable repositories - I already have the
lenny backports repository.

However, I'm wondering why aptitude search and aptitude install show and
install packages from backports when I'm not specifically using -t
lenny-backports. That's a bit creepy.

Nonetheless, I've installed linux-image-2.6.30-bpo.2-686 (I think the
bpo stands for backport, but what does the .2 stand for? If a .3 was
released, would I automatically get it when updating?) and the webcam is
recognised properly - this solves my case.

In fact, it doesn't work (merely a black screen in cheese), so I'll just
return it to the shop. Anyways, thanks for the fast help, really

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