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Re: Important commands lose permissions after upgrades.

Nuno Magalhães:
> Jochen Schulz:
>> The first thing I would do in your situation is to make sure my disk
>> isn't dying. Run a forced fsck on all filesystems (including /) and use
>> smartctl (packege: smartmontools) to check your disk for errors.
> Erhm... the drive's fairily recent, it's a "Maxtor 160GB SATA II
> 7200RPM 8Mb Cache" from 2006.

Just some anecdotal evidence, probably without direct relation to your
problem: I have an old laptop running 24/7. Its smartmontools started to
send an email each night because it wasn't able to make the disk run
self-tests anymore, so I bought a replacement disk.

I then copied all my data and replaced the disk. Less than two weeks
later, I was getting strange disk-related errors in the syslog. First, I
thought it might be just some strange incompatibility, but then I
started to get filesystem errors. Two days after that, the disk is
almost completely dead. When I tried to copy the remainings to another
disk yesterday evening, I could only save /boot (hooray!). The rest is
gone. Luckily, I still have the old disk with its old content and (apart
from the smart warnings) it is working.

I hate hard disks. Never trust them, irrespective of their age.

If I won the lottery I would keep all the money and wallpaper my house
with it.
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