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Important commands lose permissions after upgrades.

Jochen Schulz put forth on 10/9/2009 1:57 AM:
> I hate hard disks. Never trust them, irrespective of their age.

I second that.

I've got two 9GB Barracuda SCSI disks that have been running non-stop in
a server since 1996--13 years.  I bought a Maxtor single platter 40GB
IDE drive in 2003 for a workstation new system build, drive failed in
2006, just less than 3 years later.  I've got a 15GB (Seagate IIRC) IDE
drive in another workstation that's been running for around 8 years and
still going.  All hard drives will wear out and fail.  It's just a
matter of when.  The two Barracudas I mentioned above are running on
heavily borrowed time...


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