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Re: Setting Default Group Permissions In Folders

In <[🔎] 81c921f30910080124g4d20a72cg91846974ad38f04b@mail.gmail.com>, Javier 
Barroso wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 12:47 AM, Austin Brkich <austin.brkich@gmail.com>
>> I have created a new group called www-user, this group is suppose to
>> allow multiple users to read/write/execute files/folders in /var/www.
>> I have used chmod to allow new files/folders to automatically get the
>> group www-user however I am unable to automatically set the
>> permissions to 664 and there defaulting to 644. I know this is do to
>> umask however umask is reset every time you login and yadda yadda.
>Did you try to add umask to ~/.bashrc ?

In the sentence *immediately after* what you quoted the OP explicitly stated 
that they did not want to change the global umask, which is basically what you 
are suggesting.
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