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Setting Default Group Permissions In Folders

This has probably been asked a million times and I have yet to seen a
proper response when searching for the answer.

I have created a new group called www-user, this group is suppose to
allow multiple users to read/write/execute files/folders in /var/www.
I have used chmod to allow new files/folders to automatically get the
group www-user however I am unable to automatically set the
permissions to 664 and there defaulting to 644. I know this is do to
umask however umask is reset every time you login and yadda yadda. I
don't want to edit the system's default umask I just want to change
the defaults to a specific folder.

Note: I am not adding www-data (The user that runs apache and such
not) since this can allow for security breaches.

I read somewhere that you have to use setfacl and I have looked into
it but it seems to be a fancier way to do chmod and doesn't do it

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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