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Re: OT: mutt/nano spell checking

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>From: cjns1989@gmail.com
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>Subject: Re: OT: mutt/nano spell checking
>Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 18:26:22 -0400
>>On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 10:47:51AM EDT, owens@netptc.net wrote:
>>> +1.  I teach C in a Debian environment and my students (most of
>>> have never used *nix) use nano.
>>Probably a good choice, since you teach C, not editing. By the time
>>you'd finished teaching them Vim, there would be not time left for
>>anything else. :-)
>>But even if you teach C for a living and are on a tight schedule, I
>>you find the time to mention that once they finish the class there
>>other options.
>>Even if once your own, we know that more often than not, a
>>job  means diving into vast amounts of pre-existing code, and that's
>>where a capable editor that seamlessly supports tags, cscope,
>>a directory explorer, tabs, an integrated compile cycle, and
>>efficiently through tens of thousands of lines of code eventually
>>more to their lifetsyle than mastering the intricacies of
>>*str, size_t size..)
>>Not sure about the dividends that nano will pay in this respect.
>>Yeah, I know, in the real world, your former students will have
>>choice but use the IDE that their boss's boss's boss happens to
>>And since she's not likely Bram's or RMS's girlfriend, I guess it
>>doesn't really matter.
Thanks for the observations Chris.  You have correctly surmised that
I don't have time to teach Linux, C AND a complex editor.  I decided
that the first two were the most important.  I do mention the other
editors and the fact that vi is probably the most universal editor,
but they stick to something simple during the course.
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