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Re: apt-get autoremove

Tim Legg wrote:
> Maybe this is a bug, maybe it isn't...
> I installed the AMD64 Debian on my AMD64 box (emachines T6520 by the way).  Ever since the time I installed it, everytime I ran apt-get, I was given a couple screenfulls of package names that were no longer needed and could be removed by apt-get autoremove and 512M of disk space would be freed.

Which exactly was this message, and which apt-get command were you
running and you saw this message?
My advice is to use aptitude which makes a better dependency resolving.

Anyway, about your problem, you don't have of course to re-install
debian, just to
aptitude install <packages>
those packages which were uninstalled. You can find those packages by
examining: /var/log/dpkg.log

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