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Re: apt-get autoremove

In <[🔎] 26721.25741.qm@web38702.mail.mud.yahoo.com>, Tim Legg wrote:
>Maybe this is a bug, maybe it isn't...

Nope; it isn't.

>I installed the AMD64 Debian on my AMD64 box (emachines T6520 by the way). 
> Ever since the time I installed it, everytime I ran apt-get, I was given a
> couple screenfulls of package names that were no longer needed and could be
> removed by apt-get autoremove and 512M of disk space would be freed.

This just means that no other piece of installed software depends on the 
package anymore (and the package was originally brought in as a dependency).  
It does not mean you aren't using the software yourself.

>After a couple weeks, I got tired of seeing this message and I ran apt-get
> autoremove.

You should have run (apt-get install $pkgs_I_use) before running (apt-get 

Reading the relevant documentation should have cleared that up for you.

>And so I rebooted and here I am using links to compose this e-mail because X
> become broken.  Actually, X does work, but it seems every window manager is
> broken.

You probably ended up uninstalling programs you use regularly.

>I sort of feel stupid about taking it's advice.  It does appear I will have
> to reinstall Debian because of it.  

That would be wrong.  Just install the packages you need again.  There should 
be a log file that lists each package you uninstalled, if you have no other 
idea what you are using.  If you use gnome or KDE there are meta-packages that 
are probably suitable.

> (I thought Debian stable was stable
> because it didn't have such serious problems as this.)

No OS can fix its users.
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