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Re: apt-get autoremove

> I installed the AMD64 Debian on my AMD64 box (emachines T6520 by the
> way).  Ever since the time I installed it, everytime I ran apt-get,
> I was given a couple screenfulls of package names that were no longer
> needed and could be removed by apt-get autoremove and 512M of disk
> space would be freed.

Did you check these screenfuls to see if they contained some
applications you like to use?

> I sort of feel stupid about taking it's advice.  It does appear I will
> have to reinstall Debian because of it.  (I thought Debian stable was
> stable because it didn't have such serious problems as this.
> Granted it didn't freeze up with an Amiga-style fireworks display, but
> I still wish I had known what was going to happen.)

My guess is that somehow some install you did in the past ended up
removing the `gnome' metapackage (which doesn't itself hold any files),
so that most of your desktop environment became "non-requested" and
hence candidate for autoremove-deletion.
Try "aptitude install gnome".


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