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Re: Suggestions for video/tv capture?

> For the OP, your requirements can be met quite well with a Haughpage
> PVR-150 (which I use on my Mythbuntu box) or PVR-350 or PVR-500.  All
> seem well supported.  I record from my DirecTV receiver using the
> S-Video input on the PVR-150.  The PVR series mentioned are analog
> capture only.

I've recently had success with the Hauppauge HVR-1600, using MythTV in
 Gentoo box. It's not "officially" supported, but works here.

There was chatter of the 150 and 350 being hard to come by. If that's
true, then I recommend this alternative, which will probably be
"officially supported sooner or later.


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