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Re: Suggestions for video/tv capture?

* Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> [2009 Oct 03 23:01 -0500]:

> Do these here video capture cards, here, properly ignore the (US, at  
> least) "Broadcast Flag"?  I want to capture for DVR purposes.  I'm not  
> interested in defeating copy protection, e.g., Macrovision, or copying  
> tapes/DVDs, just want to time shift TV for watching later, and don't  
> want to be inconvenienced by network "glitches".

Check out the information from the http://www.mythtv.org folks.  As far
as I know, the "broadcast flag, has not yet been required of all
devices.  If you'll be recording Over The Air (OTA) TV in ATSC format,
a lot of people like the HD Home Run unit.

For the OP, your requirements can be met quite well with a Haughpage
PVR-150 (which I use on my Mythbuntu box) or PVR-350 or PVR-500.  All
seem well supported.  I record from my DirecTV receiver using the
S-Video input on the PVR-150.  The PVR series mentioned are analog
capture only.

- Nate >>


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