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Re: Gmail again

> Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
> Yeah,
> That's what I'd call normal list behavoir (reply goes to
> list). 
> All fedora and ubuntu lists, K12ltsp lists, RH lists,
> Linguas OS list, lists for projects in which I
> participate (OmegaT, Anaphraseus), etc., 
> and even professional e-mail lists outside of the tech
> sphere (those in which I participate for professional
> translators), etc., all function thus. The debian lists
> are the only lists I've ever encountered where this is
> not the norm. 

There are other lists too, SpamAssassin lists for example. I handle these with maildrop as follows:

if (/List-Id: <debian-user.lists.debian.org>/)
        xfilter "/usr/bin/formail -I\"Reply-To: debian-user@lists.debian.org\""
        to "Maildir/.Ohjelmistot.Debian.User"

Does not help the OP though, unless he reads the GMail with fetchmail into own machine.

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