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Re: Gmail again

Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Neal Hogan <nealhogan@gmail.com> wrote:
On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 7:39 AM, Vinicius Massuchetto
<viniciusandre@gmail.com> wrote:


FYI -  The gentoo-users list only sends messages to the list from the
list and doesn't include the OP. So, when you hit reply, it goes to
the list and not the OP (directly).

My experience with mailing lists are generally like that.
Is there any special reason for this list not to be like that?

That's what I'd call normal list behavoir (reply goes to list).
All fedora and ubuntu lists, K12ltsp lists, RH lists, Linguas OS list,
lists for projects in which I participate (OmegaT, Anaphraseus), etc.,
and even professional e-mail lists outside of the tech sphere (those in which I participate for professional translators), etc., all function thus. The debian lists are the only lists I've ever encountered where this is not the norm.


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