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Re: Mini 10v

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 07:06:34PM +0300, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Wed,23.Sep.09, 10:52:09, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > 
> > All UNIX and Linux boxes should have an MTA.  It doesn't always need to listen 
> > on 25 or 587, but both postfix and exim4 support that.
> How about a PIII-500 machine with 384 MB RAM running from an 1GB USB 
> stick?  I prefer using the resources for mpd, rtorrent, ... than a MTA 
> which is only needed when cron has errors.

Postfix: installed size of 3196.
exim: 3685 (exim4, exim4-base, exim4-daemon-light, exim4-config

Compare that to gdm (15215), perl (18304), python2.5 (10752) and others.

If you run from a compressed system, the compressed size is more
relevant, and thus you're more interested in the package sizes. In which
case they are:

Postfix: 1270
Exim: 1760

As for memory usage: my system has much more memory consumed by bash and
vim processes than by postfix processes. Though the main memory consumer
is by far iceweaser, and pidgin, gajim and xchat are following. I don't
really worry about the resources used by a few little postfix processes.

Again: there is a real value in an MTA that can queue mail and deliver
it when your system is once again connected to the network. If you think
this queueing should be done by the mailers themselves, that's fine. But
it means they have to be made extra smart and aware of the configuration
of the system. I rather let the system be aware of the configuration of
the system.

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