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Re: Grub 1.5 error after update

> Frank <beacon <at> videotron.ca> writes:
>> I have googled the problem but can't make head nor tail of the
>> solutions.
>> During today's update on my testing machine I was asked whether I wanted
>> to
>> update to grub2. I said OK - after the re boot I picked the chain
>> option. The
>> boot went well, so I ran the update-from-grub-legacy script. Now I am
>> getting
>> Grub 1.5 error and the boot goes nowhere.
> I have managed to setup a mail reader in this live setup...so
> beacon@videotron.ca should reachme
> Thanks

Did the same thing and when asked which hda[] it should boot from just hit
enter. I should have put "3" into those brackets in my case, but didn't.
So reinstalled but can't download anyting to get the system going again,
because it's missing glibc-2.9-1 which is a virtual package apparently.

So my system is down for the count, and considering installing again, but
Lenny this time, because it will work.

So wait to see if someone has a fix before you attempt to install testing
again. Because you may hit the same wall.


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