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Re: Starting MTA: nodaemon and queueonly

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 02:07:21PM +0200, ludovico van wrote:
> > Agreed.  Cron and anacron both need a mailer to inform you of errors and
> > various packages install cron jobs implicitly.
> >
> > However, isn't there a local-only mailer that respects /etc/aliases and is
> > lighter-weight than exim4?
> what i do on my computers is putting
> QUEUERUNNER='nodaemon'
> in /etc/default/exim4
> this way no exim daemon is started at all, but i still can get my
> mails from anacron.

This is one of the best advice.

exim4 itself is very small and light and good to support alias etc.

ssmtp and nullmailer are well known non-daemon lightweight sendmail
facility but they do not do local mail delivery right.

But with this, we get non-daemon lightweight sendmail without short

Any negatives?

(Of course, if we need queue, we can always do "queueonly")

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