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Re: lprng needed by AUCTeX?


On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 05:01:13PM -0400, brownh wrote:
> > The answer is already on your system, if you had done some
> > research. You seem to want others to research for you.
> >
> > Have you installed the cups-bsd package?
> Not sure what "on my system" means. The information associated with 
> the packages for cups and auctex did not say I had to install cups-bsd
> (the AUCTeX description only "suggested" cups-bsd, not that it was
> mandatory if I expected to print anything). If by researching you mean
> reading the AUCTeX manual, I don't recall it said anything about
> this, but perhaps I missed it. You imply I should have done something 
> I failed to do, but I'm unsure of exactly what.

If you do not know how to do basic system information search and some
basic system administraton, it becomes quite frustrating.

In order to help people in this situation, I wrote "Debian Reference"
and it is provided as package and web site information.  For your case,
following section may be of your interest:


I hope that this helps you.  My motivation to create this whole
document was started to get my "printing" right :-)


PS: Please understand people like Wane and me are not paid to help you.
We are volunteers.

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