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[Solved] Having linux ldappasswd also update windows password hashes

Sjoerd Hardeman schreef:
Hi list,

I am managing an ldap which contains a unix password field, which is
nicely updated by the passwd command via exop. All fine. The only
problem is that the LM and NT windows hashes are not updated. I need
these fields since I need to support chap authentication, and also some
windows based networking.
The other way, using smbldap-passwd -u %user, works fine. One option
would probably be to include a pam_winbind.so in all of the clients
pam.d/common-password, and pointing the clients to the proper winbind
server. Yet, I hope there's also an easier method. Any ideas?

I solved the problem by compiling and using the smbk5pwd overlay for slapd (which is provided in the sources, but not compiled in the distributed bin). On this site http://student.physik.uni-mainz.de/~reiffert/smbk5pwd.html there is a diff for the makefile that prevents compiling against the heimdal libs.


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