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Re: Forming drives together into a cache hierarchy

Ron Johnson:
> On 2009-09-02 05:30, Paul Richards wrote:
>> Is there a way to combine a large slow drive with a fast small drive
>> in such a way that the faster drive simply becomes a cache for the
>> larger drive?
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> I'd think about selling the SSD and either buy more RAM or a SCSI  
> controller and a 10K RPM drive.

While I would never recommend to sell an SSD (only to buy a larger one
:)), I think buying more RAM is probably the way to go. Nothing beats
the filesystem cache, not even an SSD.

My recommendation: buy more RAM, install the OS to an SSD and copy the
data most often used there as well. Put the rest on a regular disk and
write a boot script to force the data you are interested in into the
filesystem cache.

If you cannot tell which data you are interested in in advance or if
this subset of your data changes often, "caching" on an SSD is a hard
problem to solve anyway.

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