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Re: How to "make install" apt?

On 2009-09-01 22:21, Peng Yu wrote:
On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 9:46 PM, Boyd Stephen Smith
Jr.<bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
In <[🔎] 366c6f340909011922j6ee2f14craa88c89453211f32@mail.gmail.com>, Peng Yu
I am only interested in the source packages but not the compiled
packages. My understanding is that the source codes of any give
package (the same version) in redhat and debian should be the same. Am
I correct?
No.  Both Debian and RedHat are willing to add patches to upstream source code
to better integrate the software with their distribution.  For example, 'git
commit' defaults to "vi" in the upstream source, but to "sensible-editor" in
the Debian source.

I also heard that debian has more packages than redhat. Is it correct?
I think so, but packages don't always correspond 1-to-1.

Then, there should be not a big problem if I use Debian source on RedHat, right?

On a Red Hat system, there will be less "friction" when compiling SRPMs, because RH and Debian use different naming conventions, and thus you are less likely to have dependency conflicts.

Dumb question: why do you want Debian packages on a RH system?

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