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Please, you have to be more specific about the problem you are suffering.

There is a bug in fresh installs of lenny upgrade 5.01:

1.- Restart the machine.
2.- In the GRUB press  'e' to edit the boot line which is failing (vmlinuz).
3.- At the end of the line put rootdelay=9 and press escape.
4.- Then press 'b' to boot.
5.- After reboot edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst to make permanent this options.

In the busybox console (initramfs) type this command:

   |lvm vgchange -a y <volume group name>|

I hope it can help you and other, it works for me.

PierPaolo wrote:
so... it is... ubuntu better than debian??? pleease, no!

it's all day long i'm trying to set up lvm2 on top of luks properly on a fresh installed debian/lenny. previously i had this done in kubuntu9, then i try gentoo (aaagh!),, then i return to my beloved debian, but...

that's another machine, so i cannot post very much of mi findings, not too much at all however

someone accomplished this task? or, is this possible right now in debian? do i have to sadly fallback on ubuntu?!

i collected these bugs... am i on the right way?

thanks, i appreciate very much your suggestions

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