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First server with hot swappable capabilities...

Yesterday I was configuring a PowerEdge T300 that, if I remember
correctly, has a PERC 6/i controller.
It allowed me to build with 4 250GB Sata drives, a Raid 5 array.

The server allows me to hot swap the drives.

I installed Lenny and configured everything how I wanted.

I was wondering,
in case something went amiss with one of the drives and I had to change it,
is there anything I have to do in the operating system before I went
and swapped the drive with the system running?
Or is it simply, pull the drive and replace it? O_o

Also, since the server is being used to store some big files,
what would be the process to change the current 4 250GB drives to 4
larger drives and grow the partitions?

I know there are a couple questions here, I tried dividing them so if
someone knows to the answer to at least one, they can post it.

I haven't really found much about it searching the web,
I hope I do better here.

-- Rubén O. Varela Rosa

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