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RE: first post (a question)

> From: Buz Davis [mailto:buzdavis@earthlink.net] 
> Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:53 PM
> [snip]
> When I looked at the release notes for the latest version, however, I 
> saw nothing referencing AMD K6 processors.  I don't want to repeat my 
> mistake with Fedora (I need to purchase install media, having nothing 
> with which to write cds or dvds).  Will the latest version of 
> Debian run 
> on a K6 ?  If I get a live disk, will that allow me to 
> install over the 
> Internet ?
> Would appreciate any advice,
> Buz Davis

According to the release notes for Debian Lenny,
http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch02s01.html.en#id2756691, any
CPU after (and including) the 486 is still supported.  Since the K6 is a
Pentium-class CPU, I would think it would work just fine.

As for alternative options for installing it, if you don't have a CD or DVD
burner, you could boot from a USB flash drive (if your motherboard supports
it), or if you have another Linux computer on the network, you could set it
up to allow network booting from it, if your computer supports network

Hope this helps!
-- Kevin

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