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Wireless Adapter Card compatibility

After numerous Google searches I'm unable to arrive at a definitive answer/website so please send me a link if I've missed something (here's the best I've found so far: http://www.linux-drivers.org/, http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/).  My question is simple: I inherited an old (very old) laptop with no built-in wireless support so I need to purchase a wireless adapter.  Given the limitation of 2 usb ports but 1 available CardBus slot I'd prefer to use a card-style adapter versus a usb-type.  I'm considering one of these two models but want to confirm they will play nicely with Debian Lenny before purchasing; does anyone have insight?  Again, if I missed a link please point me to it.


I realize the first link is N-compatible and the second is G-only.  I'm only on G at home so N is not a requirement.

Thanks in advance,

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