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Re: Laptop dv6650br is getting so warm

Hashimoto wrote:

I've the laptop hp dv6650br and it's getting so warm, when it's not processing anything it's in more or less 59C. If I use anything like virtualbox, or any heavy program it gets 75C or more.

Does anyone know if it's normal? Does anyone has a similar laptop with the processor Turion 64x2 ?

Thanks !

I have old IBM R51 (Intel centrino, single core 1,6 Ghz). His temperature on boot is around 50C and max. was 100C one time when I was edit movie. Now is 18C in my room and his temperature is 86C. Most of the time temp. is around 70-80C. Is that normal or not i don't know but he is working once 6 month without rebooting and everything is fine. I have him 5 years and he works fine. Temperature is same in Windows and Linux.

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